Treasures for you

Pearls make wonderful lasting jewelry. Pearls were part my little jewelry business.  The gem jewelry and pearl jewelry were bought from a jewelry wholesales and online auctions.  They are all being sold to close this part of  my business. That is why I am selling them for the cost cutting prices Real pearls for faux pearl prices

Pearl Necklace 1
100 inch pearl necklaceString 100 inches in length, weighs 103.1 grams and consists of 545 Peach color Pearls, 4.5 to 5.0mm round pearls pink peach mixed white
Pearl Necklace 2
bonze pearlsGenuine 8.5mm partially knotted bronze / brown  pearls  This necklace is 34 inches long. Weights over 41 grams.. Check 
Pearl Necklace 3
pink pearl topaz necklacePink Color enhanced Natural Pearls and Topaz chips  5mm with Sterling Silver fancy ring clasp. Length 19 inches . Pearls
Pearl Necklace 4
baroque pearlsSterling Silver Lobster Clasp Genuine 55 baroque 6mm knotted white pearls with solid silver  Clasp. 18 inches long Pearls
Pearl Necklace 5
pink pearlsPink Color enhanced Natural Pearls 5mm with  Silver clasp. 4mm Pink Pearls
Keepsake 6
black pearl and gem choker necklaceWhite, black and green color enhanced Natural Pearls and peridot chips   Sterling Silver fancy ring clasp. 19 inches Pearls 
Pearl Necklace 7
handcrafted bead jewelryMixed Pearls with sterling silver  beads
Pearl Necklace 8
100 inch pear necklaceWhite Natural Pearls and faceted gemstones   Sterling Silver lobster clasp. 19 inches Check
Pearl Necklace 9
pearl necklaceGenuine PEARL jewelry for the cost of fake pearls. Elegant gifts for a lifetime. Check out my Pearls
Pearl Necklace 10
100 inch pear necklaceDark enhanced genuine Pearls 18 inch necklace and expansion bracelet HERE
Pearl Necklace11
pearl earringsGenuine PEARL more coming soon Pearls
Pearl Necklace 12
pearl strandWhite Color Pearls  5mm with Sterling Silver clasp. 16 inches  White strand
Earrings 1
pearl earringsWhite 6mm Pearls  in Solid 14k Gold. Sparkling Cubic Zirconia accents post fiction backs Pearls
Rings 1
pearl ringGifts that can passed down to future generations.  Art projects. Items for your home What's New ?

pearl size comparisonPearl sizes compared to 10 cent coins